Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lulie is 3!

Lulie turned 3 this week and I couldn't be more happy with the life of this child. She had a great time at her birthday party and on her actual birthday we just had pizza and opened gifts. She is such an easy going child, most of the time, that it really didn't seem that big of a deal to her. In fact, when people would tell her Happy Birthday, she would tell them Happy Birthday back. 

Lulie is a joy to have around the house and although 85% of the time she would like to watch TV or have me hold her, she is still fun. She likes to yell for her sister, "Saddie Rose", and she does love to pester her. She is the child that will throw a remote at Sallie Rose and then the next minute she is right by her side kissing her boo boo. She doesn't quite understand that she is the reason for almost all of Sallie Rose's boo boos. 

She has FINALLY started pooping on the potty and just this week started sleeping in a big girl bed. She did the big girl bed on her own, but the pooping on the potty was a full on cry fest. We did it though! And today at the grocery store, I loved every second of not having to pay $25 for diapers. 

Lulie has to have a hug and a kiss every time I leave her. Whether it is at bed time (after I have rocked her for 20 minutes), dropping her off at school/church or when I leave for work in the morning. It is a joy to me and her love couldn't be more sincere. She is a lover. 

Happy Birthday to the child who looks just like my sister, Tara, and who screams every morning at 6:30 am for her Daddy and who wears a dress almost every outfit!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Try it again

It's been over a year since I posted a blog! I really want to try and document what is going in with the girls, in a brief format. 

We went out of town for one night to Atlanta. Lulie got sick on the way and ended up having a fever and vomiting a few times. We call it our traveling curse. Every time we travel, she gets sick. She hasnt been sick in months and we get on the road and she gets sick. Poor girl. No one tell her we are going to charleston for one night in 2 weeks so hopefully she won't get sick. 

She really cracks us up though. She say some pretty cute things and that's what I want to document. 

Going to school last week I gave her a chocolate chip granola bar.

Me: Lulie are you eating your granola bar?
Lulie: yes, mommy you want bite?
Me: no thank you, that's sweet though.
I turn around to look at her at a red light and she is picking out all the chocolate Chips and eating them.
Me: Lulie, you need to eat the whole bar not just the chocolate chips.
Lulie: but mommy, I'm really really hungry for tiny Hershey kisses.

After that I couldn't say anything. It's usually the same thing when I tell her to stop eating her boogies. "But mommy, I'm really really hungry for my boogers." Yuck! 

Next I'll explain how she feels about pointing out everyone's giant vaginas. Another night.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Update on girls

I have been sick and in bed all day with a sinus infection. I have the Urban Hope event on Friday and am praying to feel better.

As I lay in bed, I hear the girls downstairs. Lulie is saying all sorts of phrases and basically copies anything her sister says. Her favorites are ta-da, nana nana boo boo, and dere it is (when she finds something). She also loves to play hide and seek with Sallie Rose and counts to 10 while covering her eyes. She usually misses 6 or 7. She's also into throwing tantrums and biting at school. She will admit to it when I pick her up. I'll say Lulie did you bite a friend? "Yes". Did you say I'm sorry? "Yes" and looks sad. She does always say sorry and gives a hug when she hits Sallie. She's a sweet girl and she is funny in her own little shy way. It is good to note that she does say yes and not yeah. That will make her Grumpy happy.

Sallie Rose has been unbelievably sweet this last week. Doing what she's told, being so nice to her sister, and helping us out. She changed Lulie's diaper this morning. She is doing great in school and seems to enjoy it. She loves to make books at home with all her words she knows how to spell. She made me a card Saturday that said "to Mommy you are awsom". She wants to take piano lessons this spring and loves church choir. 

And they both love to be outside, riding bikes, and sweets.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Momma has been busy

I have been extremely busy at the JOB and planning the Urban Hope event, but I still enjoy every second with these two.

Out on Nana's dock

Lulie wearing sissy's panties over her pajamas.

Lulie waiting on her bite of ice cream.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My kids

Each year as Christmas approaches, I get so emotional for a number of reasons. I miss my Grandma this time more than ever. I miss going to Spearman to drive her around looking at lights. I also feel so blessed to have my kids, husband, family, and health. We struggle each year at this time to make our finances work, not because we spend hundreds on our kids for Christmas presents, but quite the opposite. I try to keep our gift giving low and really try to remind them and myself that Christmas is the anticipation of waiting on Christ.

We go to our beautiful Church for Christmas Eve service and as I'm so overwhelmed with love for my kids, I am also so sad to be so far from the family I love so much. I am so grateful to get to fly to see them all after Christmas but I can't help but be sad that they can't see my kids singing in their Christmas programs or going to visit Santa. It's all through photos and videos and I am grateful for those too.

My kids are individually unique and I love them so much. Sallie Rose is kind and silly, but can turn the switch in a second. She also has to get completely undressed to go the the bathroom. I have also convinced her that she needs hearing aids for Christmas. Lulie on the other hand is thoughtful and quite the clown. She doesn't mean to be funny, but when she figures out she is, she never stops. She is rambunctious and energetic. I caught her the other day giving our baby Jesus from our nativity scene one of her pacifiers. I almost melted right there.

Thank you God for my children, for my family that I love so much it hurts that I miss them and for the emotional feelings to be embarrassed about. And thank you for sending your son to us.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


There is something about this child. Her dark eyes, her toothy grin, her belly giggles, and the way her hair curls just a little bit around her ears. She is sweet and loves hugs. She also loves to kiss you when you are getting onto her. She definitely knows the power of sweet talkin. She loves her sister and her sister loves her. They are kind to one another and help each other. God has blessed us.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Beginning of Fall

Sallie Rose is sick again today with fever so I am home with her. She has been sick every 2 weeks for the last 2 months. I am not sure what is going on. Lulie hasn't been getting all the illnesses so that's a relief. Between my new job and school starting, we have been busy. When we do have down time at home, I love watching these girls play and love on each other.

We are hoping to surprise Sallie Rose with a trip to Disney for her 5th birthday, but we haven't made any final plans yet. It's hard to plan a trip when she's been sick so often. I hope that we can do it and I hope she loves it! I can't believe she will be 5.